Our Vision

Honest is proud to be Kiwi owned, carbon neutral and certified plastic free.

We strive to always be informative, transparent and honest, and are committed to adapting our strategies as we grow. Here are a few things we have done so far, to ensure we are contributing towards a positive future for Aotearoa…

Carbon Zero with Ekos

We are proud to have partnered with Ekos - a New Zealand charitable trust with international recognition as being leaders in innovative environmental financing. Their simple message is “Measure, reduce what you can, offset what you can’t.” In our partnership with Ekos, we have agreed to calculate and offset all our carbon emissions, which accredits us to be a certified carbon zero business.

Zero Plastic with a PLASTIC PLANET

It was vital for us to create a product that celebrated sustainable materials and did not contain any plastic. We are elated to have partnered with A Plastic Planet, a company encouraging the world to “turn off the plastic tap.” They believe in simplifying the language - a product is either plastic, or it’s not plastic. Honest is proud to be certified by A Plastic Planet as 100% plastic free.


We strive for a circular system that champions sustainable practices, and our ultimate goal is to build a no-waste production. This is something that we are working towards by composting all of our bi-product from each production run. We plan to use this compost for growing our own herbs to be used in future flavours and productions.

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