Honest Folk: Emily Raftery

Honest Folk: Emily Raftery
Emily Raftery is a photographer, tea drinker, fine artist and yoga enthusiast. 
For part three of our Honest Folk series, we sat down for an honest chat and got to know her a bit better... 

1. What do you do for an honest living?

I am a photographer. A documenter of people in an honest, authentic, and very natural way. I shoot weddings, families, and commercial event work as my main crust, but I also create my own personal work with a various bunch of janky old film cameras, where I make and sell beautiful fine art archival prints.


2. What do you do when you're not working?

I read, drink tea, practise yoga, exercise, I sip on delicious things, eat delicious things, road trip around the country documenting the people I meet and places I go, and I swim in the ocean. A LOT. I make pots of tea and can be found on Sunday mornings retreating back to bed with the pot and my book. Or when the sun is shining I spend a large part of my time ocean dwelling, swimming, sleeping, just soaking it all in.


3. Tell us something honest (as honest as you like)?

Honestly….? I once got on stage at the Las Vegas Strip Club on Karangahape Road and taught a stripper how to pole dance. I may have woken up in an outfit from out the back in the morning too. That may have been in my former life though….

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