Honest Folk: Blake Gordon

Honest Folk: Blake Gordon

For part seven of our Honest series, we sat down with the inspiring illustrator/graphic designer/artist that is Blake Gordon. We’ve been huge fans of his over the past few years and always look forward to seeing his latests works, so it was a real honour to have a chat. Here’s how he answered our three honest questions


1. What do you do for an honest living?

I have always found it hard to nail down my job title, I’m a freelancer that works somewhere in the realm of a graphic designer/illustrator/artist.

2. What do you do when you're not working?

Can usually find me working on my Landcruiser, driving my Landcruiser to the beach or at the beach.

3. Tell us something honest about yourself


This year has been both very challenging and very rewarding, it has made me realize that actively focusing on the positives in life even in hard times can make a real difference.



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