Honest Folk: Blair Hetet

Honest Folk: Blair Hetet
We’ve had the pleasure of calling Blair Hetet our friend for almost 15 years. He's the founder of Auckland based Inward Goods – an authentic lifestyle brand who design timeless, pragmatic clothing for leisure and work. Like it was any old Saturday, we sat down with Blair and chatted all things rum and fashion ... 

1. What do you do for an honest living?

I design and run my own clothing label named Inward Goods. I launched the brand just over a year ago and haven’t looked back.

2. What do you do when you're not working?

In truth, there isn’t a lot of free time for me these days. However, my girlfriend and I do love hosting friends/family for dinner – we love to cook (the BBQ is a happy place for me). Taking our puppy for a walk every morning is very grounding for me too.

3. Tell us something honest about yourself?

When you’re being true and authentic to yourself, knowing who you are and where you come from – you’re being honest.

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