From Garage 
Jams to Fatherly Bonds:

From Garage 
Jams to Fatherly Bonds:

For this Fathers Day, we were lucky enough to join Mondaynitis for one of their 'Monday' acoustic jam sessions and ask them a few questions.

Who are Mondaynitis:
A group of six guys, all fathers with a shared history that laid the foundation for their tight-knit music group to emerge. Their journey began 17 years ago, ignited by a mutual passion for music, guitars, and the rich tones of their favourite melodies, forming an unbreakable bond. As they navigated through the harmonious chaos of fatherhood, their camaraderie grew stronger, providing a unique environment of trust and support where musical skills flourished. 

From humble beginnings jamming in a garage, they progressed collectively, mastering music theory, experimenting with various playing techniques, embracing electric instruments, and getting closer to recording their own songs. Through the joys and challenges of both parenthood and music-making, they found solace in their shared love for rum, a spirit that now becomes a part of their tale. Here's to the harmony of fatherhood, friendship, music, and the warmth of Honest Rum—cheers to Mondaynitis!

We were lucky enough to join in on one of their 'Monday' acoustic jam sessions and ask them a few questions. 
Check out each band member profile below. 

Name: Derek
Instrument: Guitar & Bass
What does it mean to be a dad: 
Being a Dad means different things at different stages of your children’s life. You go from being a nurturer & protector, to being a teacher & mentor.  If you’ve done the mahi, and get a little lucky, you end up where I am – seeing a couple of humans living a fulfilling and meaningful life, becoming the people you hoped they might be, and getting a strong sense of satisfaction from that. 
Favourite Cover Song:  Heart Full of Soul – The Yardbirds

Name: Greg
Instrument: Lead and rhythm guitar
What does it mean to be a dad: 
Being a dad has been probably the greatest highlight and experience in my life. Watching the two boys grow from babies into men has been awesome. I now have two amazing friends as a bonus. 
Favourite Cover Song: 'Come as you are' by Nirvana

Name: Stuart
Instrument: Guitar
What does it mean to be a dad: 
Being involved as the girls develop and find their own place in the world as fantastic individuals and proud of all the milestones small and large along the way Best Immersive Theatre in the world. 
Favourite Cover Song: Depends on the week. Generally NZ. currently The Bats Simpletons

Name: Geoff
Instrument: Rhythm guitar
What does it mean to be a dad: 
Getting a new pair of slippers every year. 
Being a dad ends up being an evolving, learning and rewarding experience. My children are the most valuable things to me, who I would do anything for and who I will always be protective of. Their needs as they grow and mature bring different challenges, but as a dad the main thing remains that they are happy and healthy. Fortunately, I am not alone in this and together with my amazing wife we have always enjoyed a strong, loving and bonded family which is now extended with the partners my children bring to the fold. I will be a Grandfather soon, life as a father continues to evolve. 
Favourite cover song: Say Goodbye, Mark Seymour (Hard out Electric version)

Name: Ian
Instrument: Lead Guitar
What does it mean to be a dad:
Taking responsibility for the act. Holding that little warm hand. Being there when it counts.

Name: Paul
Instrument: Drums and acoustic guitar
What does it mean to be a dad: 
It has been a journey from push-chairs and nappies to white board sessions every Saturday to fit in multiple  sports and dancing, to stage meaning ballet shows and sitting on committees , to being dragged into karate with my daughters and ending with a brown belt ,to having wonderful adult children who challenge me and keep me young (in spirit at least).  Now two grandchildren and maybe more to come.  Many laughs and some tears.  The most important journey there is; giving and sharing life. Shared with a wonderful and supportive partner. 
Favourite cover song: Favourite song to play on drums with the group has to be Sweet Jane
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