In a time when we’re confined to the borders of little old NZ, we’ve never felt more grateful to call this beautiful place home. And whilst we’re very content being downunder, we’re also dreaming about some of our favourite places and spaces - from underground wine bars to tranquil lodges nestled in the Morrocan desert.

1. Berber Lodge, Morocco

Inspired by traditional Berber architecture, the lodge sits about a thirty minute drive from the bustling centre of Marrakech. Terracotta tiled walls and ceilings constructed from local ancient trees are luring us to take a visit when travel restrictions permit...



2. Noma, Denmark

This New-Nordic restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen has repeatedly been voted the world’s best restaurant. An available table is hard to come by and there’s a high price point to match their prestige, but the space is one to watch to inspire your next home renovation project.



3. Maruhon Fukuoka Office & Showroom

An office building and showroom, located in a residential neighbourhood in Fukuoka. The space showcases over four hundred sample boards of the natural wood that they manufacture for interiors. The project has also received full certification from the world’s most trusted sustainable forestry organisation - a sure spot to visit for sustainable interior inspiration.

4. Gordons winebar, England

Tucked around a quiet corner in the heart of the city, you could easily blink and miss this place. But we recommend you don’t do that - a wine bar doesn’t get much better than this. Established in 1890, Londoners have been coming to drink their wine in this underground candlelit bar for centuries.


5. Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel, Turkey

Parts of this enchanting hotel are said to date back to the 5th century. Comprising a total of seven different cave houses carved from the mountainside, there are forty private cave rooms to choose from, each one slightly different from the other.


5. Barrakka Lift, Malta

Originally built in 1905 to transport people from the Grand Harbour to the centre of Valletta, a resurrection of the construction in 2012 has brought it back to life through a modern lens. We’ve seen few staircases this entrancing. 



7.  Fitnesspark Regensdorf, Switzerland

A fitnesspark meets architectural brilliance. Every room in this space exudes elegance - yet it’s refreshingly warm and welcoming. We wouldn’t mind working out here. 



8. Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center Pavilion, Norway

A lookout point in Hjerkinn, Norway, on the outskirts of Dovrefjell National Park. A simple space with an edge, to embrace the view of the Snøhetta mountain.



9. Cafe Hyyge, Japan

Hyyge is not an easy word to translate. Describing a feeling or sensation would more accurately define the word - an aura of cosiness, comfort or charm. With its concrete floors, bare walls and understated charming interiors, Cafe Hyyge in Kyoto sure lives up to its name.



10. MONA, Australia

Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart, Tasmania, is Australia’s largest private museum, admirably setting a new standard for museum formalities. To quote the museum itself, MONA is “somewhere people can come to say ‘not sure about the art but the architecture is amazing’.



11. Jolene, England

Our favourite one stop shop for the best coffee, fresh bread, natural wines and seasonal dishes. Their changeable daily menu is your excuse to go everyday, so you can sit and enjoy the warm and airy interiors.

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